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God is Good all the time and all the time God is Good! 


God is my possession

He lives within my soul

Yes God is my possession

He fills a God sized hole

God is my redeemer

He makes me white as snow

Yes God is my redeemer

My filthy rags now glow

God is my blessed Saviour

He died that I may live

Yes God is my blessed Saviour

With all power to forgive

His precious word

Is a lamp unto my feet

His precious blood

A savor so sweet

The two great pillars

of truth on which I stand

Are the wonders of His creation

and the Word which became a man

The glory of the Lord

is declared from all the heavens

If you have ears to hear

It would do you well to listen

They who trust Him wholly

Find him wholly true

And my prayer for every creature

Is that one day you will too!


© Ectoplasmic Man. All rights reserved, June 2103


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